This ADWA law firm was the representation of a large Swiss law firm in Taiwan between 2000 and 2008 and has been operating as an independent, award-winning full-service law firm in Taipei since 2008. The firm is located in Taipei’s bustling Da'an District, in the central part of the city.


Bldg. A, 2F, 25-2 Ren Ai Rd, Sec. 4
Taipei 10685, Taiwan

CELL         +886 9 8726 1326
TEL +886 2 2771 0086
FAX +886 2 2771 0186

Time in Taipei 13:41 h

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Your partner in Taiwan

Michael Werner represents the ADWA network in Taiwan. He works as a German lawyer in the Eiger law firm in Taipei.

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